April 18, 2021
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Trust deficit
India-China strategic defence dialogue

China is looking for new ways to impress India as it feels threatened by the growing proximity of India with Japan, South Korea and United States. China wants to handle the border issue with India at a separate level and trade relations at different level.

China, which is keen to have a strong trade and cultural relation with India, wants a political solution on the border dispute along LAC. Due to China’s antagonist nature, Indian leadership is not able to trust the Chinese intention which is affecting China’s trade with India. China is getting a feeling that due to border dispute it is not able to penetrate the Indian trade market easily as a result Japan and South Korea have been able to make a smooth inroad into the Indian economic sector.  

That is why China is willing to negotiate the border issue with Indian side at a different level by offering new solutions and mechanisms every time, but it seems Indian side this time is not getting lured with such gimmicks.

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