April 18, 2021
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Integrated response
Indian military and NCW capability

Indian armed forces have validated its network centric warfare capabilities early last March with full spectrum use of its first ever dedicated military satellite G-SAT7 which coordinated seamlessly with all the 60 warships and 75 aircrafts from Indian Navy and Indian Air Force.

This happened  during the Indian Navy’s annual TROPEX i.e. Theater level Operational readiness exercise which involved large scale maneuvers in all three dimensions i.e. surface, air and underwater across the Bay of Bengal, Arabian Sea and the Indian Ocean.

The naval satellite can scan an area of over 2000 nautical miles footprint over the Indian Ocean region with its UHF, S, Ku and C band transponders. These help in networking with warships and aircrafts along with operational centres through high speed encrypted data links. Through the network centric warfare capability the commanders sitting in their control room will decide the course of war, who will be equipped with information systems on the secure communication network.

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