April 22, 2021
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Catapulting move
Aircraft carrier based operations

Indians ought not to be sanguine about the state of security in the Indian Ocean littoral when it has two (Viraat and Vikramaditya) or three (the indigenously designed Vikrant) aircraft carrier among the Indian Navy’s fighting platforms. Capabilities now available with India’s neighbors point to a dedicated area denial facility in the much talked about “carrier killer” missile Dong Feng-21D which China has created and it should be accepted that just like the transfer of nuclear weapons technology and the missile means of delivering them on India, this missile too will find its way into the Pakistani arsenal.

This will serve a China-Pak interest in the Indian Ocean littoral, by denying India the use of its own carrier assets out of fear of losing them.

The “carrier killer” descriptive has been directed at the US Navy’s penchant of placing aircraft carrier close enough to enemy shores to allow on-board aircraft to bombard the vital areas and vital points with aircraft and missiles from the aircraft carrier.
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