April 18, 2021
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Coordinated action
Special Forces are the future of modern military

Though armed forces all over the world are taking necessary steps to modernize and be ready to take on any challenge from rival State, the non State actors are expected to pose biggest threat, either from land, air or sea to State security. Since the threat perception for India has risen with the possible rise of Taliban in Afghanistan, the armed forces must gear up to face the new challenge with a well coordinated plan of action.

Many countries, facing the lurking dangers of high density terrorist attacks, are focusing especially on raising Special Forces units in their armed forces to neutralize those attackers well on time before they are allowed to cause major casualty and loss to state assets or territories.  

Even the Special Forces would be needed in a future conventional war which is first likely to be a localized affair with the potential of getting transformed in open all front war, without any adequate warning and preparation time.  Indian armed forces are working on an ambitious plan to raise more and more battalions which
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