April 18, 2021
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Decisive edge
Air to air combat capability
Establishing air supremacy is the primary mission of any air force hence the air to air combat is often dubbed as the cat and mouse game in the skies.

The ability to detect the enemy aircraft before being detected and immediate release of on board air to air missile will provide a critical edge to the air warriors. Air forces world over have been upgrading their air combat capability with more and more advanced platforms equipped with longer range and accurate hit capable air to air missiles.  

The air combat radius therefore has been expanding over the years and the dog fight in the skies can now cover an area of more than 200 kms whereas till eighties the combat radius was within hundred kms zone.

The American, Russian,  Israelis and the French have definitely taken a lead in expanding the  combat radius of the  air warfare by producing longer range and more accurate hitting missiles, but air combat in itself has become a rare phenomenon. Air forces are stockpiling mo
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