April 22, 2021
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Guarding interests
Indian Navy’s offshore patrol vessels

The Indian Navy’s Sukanya and Saryu class of offshore patrol vessels give India a trans-oceanic capability of sea control, sea denial and protection of vital sea lanes of communications. With the recent acquisition of the Italian built replenishment ships capable of transferring large amounts of food, water, fuel and ammunition, the Indian Navy can maintain a presence in either the Pacific Ocean or the Atlantic Ocean for considerable period of time.

Lightly armed as a matter of course, they can be brought to light frigate level of warfare platforms at short notice. How deadly they can potentially be can be gauged from the fact that two of the Saryu class of naval OPVs designed and built inhouse by the Goa Shipyards Ltd have been used as test beds for launch trials of the Dhanush, sea based derivative of the land based Prithvi 1.

Between them the Sukanya and Saryu class of ships give the Indian Navy the ability to project power and presence. One ship of the Sukanya class of OPVs was sold to Sri Lanka underscoring the economic potential and the
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