April 22, 2021
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Quick interception
Short range missile development program

The scramble for the acquisition of the very short range air defence (VSHORAD) system began when it became known that Pakistan has developed the Nasr tactical nuclear missile. The four-barreled missile system is intended to pulverize mechanized infantry and armor as it is threatened by India’s ‘Cold Start’ doctrine.

The doctrine was designed after the extremely long time it took to deploy Indian troops and its strike corps along the international border and the Line of Control during Operation Parakram in retaliation for the attack on Parliament in 2001. Such was the inefficient manner in which Operation Parakram was conducted that nearly 800 personnel lost their lives without a shot being fired all due to explosions in ammunition convoys, in own minefields and accidents.

This is a price India has to pay for a General’s boast about how the military logistics system had been redesigned to prevent the kind of slow-motion movement that characterized Operation Parakram apparently in the hope of winning brownie points. Later it was de
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