April 22, 2021
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Network Centric Warfare: Future technology of modern battle zone

The Network Centric Warfare is assuming a new dimension to manage the 21st century battle space if a modern war has to be won under a strenuous condition, as fast imposing the will on the enemy is proving to be the key element in clinching the victory. 
It is neither platform centric warfare nor human mobilization centric warfare, the modern warfare is quick and intense, supposedly not to last too long as it can create space for public or political opinion to interfere in the process of the war.   

Thus, considering military forces as systems, or as ‘systems of systems’, can offer a fresh dimension to develop a new understanding of modern warfare in which NCW operations are going to be most crucial and deciding factors.  

The methods by which military force elements interact in the modern battle space are being transformed by contemporary information technology.
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