April 22, 2021
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Visual deception
Requirement of modern camouflage techniques

Camouflage is a mind game that makes you believe that you are not seeing something that is there before your eyes. The modern-day stealth technology is an exercise in visual deception that has evolved considerably since the first hunter found a way to get close enough to his prey to hurl his spear to be able to ensure that he and his cave mates will have dinner on the table. Camouflage techniques have played a major role in warfare down the ages through the art of deception.

Military uniforms for armed forces personnel are intended to play a dual role of concealment within the battlefield environment of deployment as well as identifying a body of troops and distinguishing between friend and foe. India’s contribution to military accoutrement is the “khaki” or “drab” uniform derived from the Urdu “khak” or dust. The dust brown nature of the Indian landscape (and also of much of Africa where the British carried out many campaigns) helped create uniforms that provided camouflage as well as comfort in the Indian climatic conditions.

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