April 22, 2021
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Hazards in sea
Submarine rescue and modern technologies

The history of submarine operation is mixed with tragedy and success but modern navies are going for high quality deep sea rescue technologies to save their fellow sailors who dedicatedly maintain undersea strike capability for their country.

Fourteen years after 118 submariners met a grisly death at the bottom of the ocean in the Kursk, a British team has developed the most advanced underwater rescue system in the world. It is time that runs out quickly if there is an undersea accident.

Thus, timely signal and communication can save many lives. That is why modern navies are investing on rescue missions more than the submarine project.  

During a war exercise recently, a British co-pilot of the rescue vehicle speaks slowly and deliberately into his microphone: ‘Lima, Lima, Lima.’

The signal is broadcast directly into the Mediterranean Sea via underwater telephone using low frequency sound waves.
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