April 22, 2021
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Unending delay
Artillery modernization project

The Indian artillery modernization program has now become a subject of laughing stock in strategic circles. Observers often joke that the program seems to have been jinxed ever since the Prime Minister of Sweden Olaf Palme was killed, though may not be directly related to the Bofors bribery scandal, allegedly masterminded by the then Indian Prime Minister Rajeev Gandhi in the mid eighties.

Three decades have passed after that most politically sensitive Bofors commission scandal and the Indian Army is yet to receive any fresh consignment of the Howitzer Gun, though the Army perspective plan has marked over Rs 20,000 crores for artillery acquisition. Now with the so called corruption averse and patriotic NDA government the country can hope to complete the missing links in a very transparent manner.

The Ordnance Factory Board could have come out with the Indian version of the Howitzer Guns, because of its transfer technology rights acquired with the Bofors AB but the OFB did not pursue the matter and neither allowed the Ordnance Factory Board to invest on research
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