April 22, 2021
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Need to set up an aerospace command

After a decade long deliberations on the need to set up an aerospace command, the onus is now on the so called security conscious and fast track decision maker government to decide on this urgent national security requirement. The need for an independent Aerospace Command was felt more when the Chinese Space Scientists conducted an Anti-satellite test in 2007 and raised concerns in India about the safety of Indian civilian satellites in space, which can be disabled with catastrophic effect on the life on ground.

Despite China having an extensive military dedicated aerospace program, Indian military space program has been moving at a snails pace. Though the IAF has already worked exhaustively on this and presented before the Government the Defence Space Vision 2020, the execution of the proposals are not visible.  

Though, an Integrated Space Cell under the aegis of the Integrated Defence Services Headquarters, presumably as a first step towards the setting up of a full fledged tri-service aerospace command is already in existence. Perhaps the enormous
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