April 22, 2021
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Capacity building
Managing the Indian borders

Given the increasing frequency of Chinese intrusions along the Line of Actual Control and Pakistan’s attempts at infiltration of terrorists along the Line of Control, India will have to review both its mobile and static defences across both frontiers.

The fortnight long incursion into Chumar in Ladakh before and after the visit of Chinese President Xi Jinping which seemed to have been ordered by someone else in the hierarchy may well be another ploy of sending a message to India that henceforth Chinese troops (and accompanying civilians) will no longer adhere to the old practice of using banners as a means of dissuasion of intrusion and instead squat on land that is claimed familiarized with the kind of landscape they would be asked to set up new Chinese colonies. In fact, the practice could well mean that “where there are Chinese soldiers and civilians that is Chinese territory”.       

On the Tibetan frontage, Indian security forces have time and again been surprised by the Chinese deep penetration at both Depsang an
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