April 18, 2021
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Information dominance
Augmenting India’s EW fighting capability

The ancient art of warfare has now evolved into a sophisticated battlefield strategy based on the large scale use of fighting platforms and combat equipment stuffed with advanced electronic systems and devices capable of “seeing and sensing devices” beyond the “visual  range”.

Clearly and apparently, Electronics Warfare (EW) paves way for enhanced situational awareness and information dominance to stay ahead of the adversary in the thick of the battlefield. Basically EW strategy revolves round the exploitation of electromagnetic spectrum or directed energy to control and manipulate the spectrum and take enemy by surprise.

On another front, EW also focuses on limiting and impeding the access of adversaries to the potentials of spectrum. As it is, EW has been defined as an integrated and composite defensive and offensive strategy based on the exploitation of electromagnetic energy to detect, exploit, minimize or obviate the use of electromagnetic spectrum by the adversaries.

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