April 22, 2021
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Bright prospects
Defence and aerospace industry in India

The world’s leading defence aerospace manufacturers are delighted over the prospects of Indian armed forces acquiring weapon systems and platforms over US$ 100 billion in next decade.  Indian defence and aerospace sector, thus presents an exciting opportunity to the foreign vendors, who are eager to set up their shops in India in order to beat their rivals. Though, the Western powers have off late reduced their defence spending because of reduced commitments in Afghanistan and Iraq, their arms companies are looking towards India and few other countries for the survival of their defence conglomerates. For the West also several hot spots have emerged which will oblige them to safeguard their strategic interests.

Though Afghanistan and Iraq are prone to terrorist attacks resulting in sustained low intensity military operations, chances of large scale conflicts are remote. Hot spots are likely to emerge like the South China Sea, Middle East, India, China, Russia, South Korea and Japan, whose governments have been raising their defence budgets. As the India-China and India-Pakistan rivalry over border and territorial
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