April 18, 2021
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Dynamic growth
Indian aerospace sector

In the context of the changed political landscape in New Delhi, there is a hope and optimism that the hitherto slow moving Indian aerospace sector could script a “success story” by replacing IT sector and software services industry as the “sunrise area” of the Indian economy in none too distant a future.

With the Narendra Modi led Government initiating pro-active measures to turn India into a thriving hub of the defence and aerospace manufacturing, opportunities galore are opening up to position India as an aerospace power of global standing. But then for this to happen, there should be a radical transformation of  the regulatory mechanism and policy measures at the ground level followed by “incentives and encouragement” to the new players keen on entering the aerospace production sector of the country. Clearly and apparently, India should put its act together especially in terms of mastering new and innovative technologies, up-scaling its raw materials development capability, refining its precision manufacturing base and evolving a sound certification process to turn the country into a vibrant aer
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