April 18, 2021
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Swift interception
Growing need of surveillance systems

Given that missiles have now become capable of being launched in “beyond-visual-range” or “stand-off” mode it is imperative that nations seek to defend themselves by detecting these missiles through the use of “over-the-horizon”  long-range radars and intercepting them well away from the intended target. Surveillance and target acquisition (SATA) radars have become de rigeur in every air defence situation.

Similarly, to keep up-to-date with enemy deployment both on the forward edge of battle area (FEBA) and deep behind its lines the long-range reconnaissance and observation system (LORROS) has also become a must-have equipment in the Indian context. This is because of the landscape along the Tibetan plateau across which China conducts frequent Line of Actual Control violations to prove the point that it can destabilize India at a place and time of its choosing.  

The equipment that has been acquired from Israel can survey a 20- km arc of vision. This capability of being able to observe the potential movements we
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