April 22, 2021
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Virtual reality
Helmet mounted display system

A pilot flying a combat mission requires a high level of situational awareness to maintain safe altitude and airspeed, while avoiding obstructions, evading enemy weapons and, at the same time, executing the mission. To achieve the mission success in such a scenario the pilot may not risk the situational awareness while looking at flight critical instruments in the cockpit very frequently. Therefore to keep the pilots attention intact, militaries around the globe utilize the advanced helmet mounted display (HMD) technology.

A HMD system provides information that increases situational awareness because the pilot does not need to break attention from the outside scene to look at instruments in the cockpit. Although this same capability exists in a head-up display (HUD), the fixed nature of this instrument requires the pilot to look forward to see the symbology. The future could also see the Head Up Display (HUD) fitted on the aircraft being replaced by sophisticated smart helmets that offer all the information provided by the HUD along with information from other sensors on the aircraft for increased situational awareness. HMD systems
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