April 18, 2021
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Rapid development
China’s Wu-14 hypersonic glide vehicle

In the 21st century the Second Artillery’s nuclear deterrence force is facing new challenges. The United States and its allies in the region are paying increasing attention to put in place ballistic missile defence and long range precision strike capability. These developments might in the future upset the deterrence balance between the two countries. Hence China is continuously improving its nuclear deterrence capability by working on futuristic weapon technologies. Hypersonic is the emerging technology that will play a vital role in the twenty first century and China is working hard to close the capability gap with the US, as at present, US has the lead in this area. The technology also offers asymmetric advantage which fits well with the current Chinese strategy.

So far China has conducted three tests of its hypersonic glide weapon. The third test was carried out in early December 2014 which was, as usual, brought to light by western media. However, the Chinese Ministry of National Defence Information Office acknowledged the test and gave out its usual statement that it is a routine process conducted within i
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