April 22, 2021
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Beating darkness
Night vision technology and its significance

Battlefield transparency under all types of conditions will hold the key to success of a military operation in the 21st Century. Militaries will need critical technologies and weapons which can provide the ability to overpower the adversary when he is most prone, and that is night. The Night Vision Devices (NVDs) have proved to be force multipliers during the Iraq and Afghanistan operations. NVDs greatly aid the infantry in carrying out tasks such as identification friend and foe, target acquisition and target neutralization by accurate fire.  NVDs provide night fighters with the ability to see, maneuver and shoot at night or during periods of reduced visibility

The conventional and sub-conventional military operations require operations by agile, responsive, and networked infantry units in small teams that are night enabled. The device needs to be seamlessly integrated with the weapon and provide increased accuracy, lethality and standoff capability of weapon delivery system. Night devices for surveillance and target acquisition should match the effective ranges of the weapons. Night vision devices are vital for
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