April 22, 2021
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Digital eyes
Helmet mounted display systems

The cancellation of the contract for the 126 French Rafale medium multirole combat aircraft  has drawn attention to the future of a very significantly important battlefield tool-head mounted display-that helps ensure a “first shot kill” from within a fighting platform.

A burgeoning joint venture between an Indian private sector company Samtel Avionics and the French company Thales that specializes in high-end airborne electronic systems for supply of helmet mounted displays appears to have been nipped in the bud with the cancellation of the Rafale contract and reduction of acquisitions to only 36 aircraft in flyaway condition.

A head mounted display when applied to a fighter aircraft, gives the pilot a panoramic view outside the cockpit and enables him to engage targets “off boresight” with missiles that automatically head in the direction in which the head is pointed. It eliminates what for long has been the standard operating procedure of maneuvering one’s aircraft to “get on the tail” of the target before releas
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