April 18, 2021
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Critical asset
AWACS and airborne surveillance

To keep an eye on the enemy activities deep inside the opponent’s territory, military commanders are increasingly relying on high speed data transfer which can be beamed from a powerful AWACS at a critical situation.

The AWACS, which has emerged as the 21st Century “Eye in the Sky”, can credibly meet the requirement of military planners and defence strategist in a unique way while it can be highly cost effective.

Airborne Early Warning and Control System (AWACS) aircraft is high value air asset in modern armed forces and homeland security departments, as they enable the forces which use them to have superiority over other forces deploying aircraft in a specific air space. AWACS is mobile, long-range radar surveillance and control centre used for air defence. AWACS is based on an airborne radar system installed on an aircraft, the main mission of which is to detect far off air targets. Even more so, it denies the enemy the use of that specific air space.

The AWACS was develo
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