April 22, 2021
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Digital soldiers
Soldier modernization needs

The modern militaries are getting trained to fight a conventional war which has highlighted the need to develop skills necessary to effectively conduct operations in any state-on-state conflict, characterized with force-on-force engagement.

As traditional forms of warfare continue to develop and military operations become more complex in both scope and approach, the modernization of soldiers in order to combat such changes is an important focus point for militaries around the world.

Today’s conflict situations require a transformed soldier capable of dealing with hi-tech war that will be short and intense plus contending with fleeting opportunities including by terrorists or non-state actors, who are getting more and more sophisticated. For future conflicts, the infantryman must be a man-machine-technology mix, a weapon platform with adequate firepower, self-protection, night fighting capability and mobility. He should have the ability to ‘see’ the enemy much before.

The modern
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