April 22, 2021
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Coordinated approach
Need for an aerospace command

The rationale for an Aerospace Command was succinctly articulated by the doyen of strategic thinkers in military uniform, a Vir Chakra recipient, the late Air Commodore Jasjit Singh. He had written in his call for military synergy: A century of air power has progressively shifted the equation where the air forces have provided the central capability in the use of force for political purpose. Advances in technology have made it capable of air dominance both in air-to-air as well as air-to-surface operations at even beyond visual ranges.

Air forces are the most effective means available to the country to apply punitive force calibrated in time, space and effect especially in the context of limited wars we may see against a nuclear backdrop. Differences among components can arise due to even non-parochial professional reasons; and they need patient friendly discussions and exchange of views and mutual accommodation.”

When he wrote this, the Government of India had already established the “Integrated Space Cell” in early 2010 and formally announced
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