April 18, 2021
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Constant tracking
Critical role of satellites in aerospace command

For more than a decade now, the passionately deliberated proposal for the creation of a tri service Indian aerospace command, has been in the limelight with the eight decades plus old Indian Air Force (IAF) stridently articulating the need for such a formidable military structure fully well supported by a string satellites meant for a variety of end uses. But unfortunately the ruling dispensation in New Delhi seems to be totally indifferent and insensitive to the long pending issue of giving green signal for the realization of the aerospace command.

Of course, much hope was pinned on the Narendra Modi led NDA (National Democratic Alliance) Government, which has left none in doubt about its commitment to the cause of strengthening the defence set up of the country, in so far as getting  a green signal for the formation of the aerospace command was concerned.

But here again the initial momentum that the Modi Government had  displayed  with reference to freeing the Indian defence establishment from the curse of dithering,  polic
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