April 22, 2021
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Setting a vision
India-UK defence partnership

As widely speculated the Narendra Modi visit to United Kingdom did not result in new contracts for Hawk trainers but the two sides signed a comprehensive defence and international security partnership which will tie the two nations in close security framework.

For example the resolve by both countries to work together to promote a secure international maritime domain. Without referring to China this extremely significant paragraph applies to South China Sea, as both countries have said that they will work together to promote and uphold freedom of navigation and overflight, in accordance with accepted principles of international law, including the UN convention on the law of the sea.

Freedom of navigation

China has been dishonoring and violating this law in the South China Sea and India has a vital stake in preserving the independence of this vital maritime trade route which accounts for over half of Indian export and import. Once this trade route is treated as falling under the
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