April 22, 2021
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Spectrum of conflict
Soldier modernization and use of hitech sensors

The large number of deaths of Indian soldiers in counter-terror/counter-insurgency operations speaks volumes about the so-called modernization of the Indian soldier.

For many years the F-INSAS or Future Indian Soldier As A System program was peddled by the Indian Army as some kind of wonder fighting machine loaded with sensors ranging from palmtop GPS navigation device, secured advance audio communication set, advance electronic warfare data manager, secured network connection, hand-held thermal imager, integrated multifunction sight device, color charge coupled device (CCD) camera.

It was clad with gizmos from head to toe and would need to pick up terrain specific equipment along the way.

The shopping list kept getting longer till STRATEGIC AFFAIRS pointed out that the Indian infantryman needs to have his hands free to hold his rifle and shoot the enemy. Suddenly, F-INSAS disappeared from the landscape.

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