April 22, 2021
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Combat on wheels
Role of Infantry fighting vehicle (IFV) in modern war

The infantry fighting vehicles are getting popular among the leading militaries in recent time due to their high mobility and high survivability in the war zone, although it can only come close to the fire power of a tank, if not establishing superiority of a tank.

This is a pretty good deal for a battlefield commander who is planning to enter into enemy territory with flash mobility and put the feet on the ground as a symbol of true victory. Military history suggests that the French AMX-VCI of 1958 represented the first attempt to produce a true infantry fighting vehicle (IFV) - that is, a tracked armored carrier from which infantry could fight effectively.

A further step in this direction was taken by the West German army with the HS-30, which included a turret with 20-mm cannon.

The West German Marder and the SovietBMP-1, which first appeared in the late 1960s, represented the most significant advances in IFVs since World War II.

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