April 18, 2021
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Waiting to ease
Make in India to boost defence production  

India is seeking to create a credible military industrial complex which can meet technological needs of its armed forces but the road to achieve such a monumental goal is not easy in a complex country like India where politicians and bureaucrats need to be re-educated.

During recent interactions with wide section of policy makers, many of them do not understand the problems grappling Indian defence industry and why India having a robust civil industrial capacity is not able to produce a single credible defence system solely on its own.

Now, the NDA is keen to make a start up venture in defence sector to augment India’s defence production by roping in private and foreign players who can put investment and bring technology. Yet, very few have trust in government policy change and various announcements.

“The mindset is still more or less same. They see us as outsiders and could steal secrecy if defence equipment plans are discussed with private companies,” rema
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