April 18, 2021
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High accuracy
Indian defence forces to benefit from IRNSS capabilities

In a major boost to the Indian defence forces’ quest for an uninterrupted access to the satellite navigation capability to realize their strategic objectives speedily and efficiently, the sixth satellite in the seven spacecraft Indian Regional Navigation Satellite System (IRNSS) constellation that would serve as an independent, full fledged space navigation platform, was  successfully launched in March.

This  sixth  dedicated navigation satellite in the series, IRNSS-1F, was launched by means of an augmented version of the four stage,  reliable space workhorse Polar Satellite Launch Vehicle(PSLV).In less than twenty minutes of its smooth take off from the second launch pad of the Satish Dhawan Space Centre (SDSC), the Indian space port in Sriharikota island, located 90-kms to the north of Chennai,  the XL version of  PSLV injected the 1425kgIRNSS-1F satellite into a sub geosynchronous transfer orbit  with a perigee of 284-km and an apogee of 20,657-km. The satellite, designed for a life span of twelve years, has now joined the five other satellites in IRNSS constella
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