March 26, 2019
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Force multipliers
Role of OPVs and support vessels for Indian Navy

With the responsibility of protecting and projecting power across more than 50 million square kilometers of ocean space within the Indian Ocean littoral the Indian Navy and the Indian Coast Guard Organization will have to improve their presence by the more easily and quickly achievable method of increasing the numbers of its fleet replenishment vessels of which there are only four.

That there are vulnerable gaps in the maritime security network has been admitted by naval sources. The most recent case of an abandoned boat in one of the creeks adjoining Gujarat on which ten terrorists are supposed to have arrived underscores the kind of vulnerability the nation is still confronted with.

The frequent arrests of Indian fishermen by both Pakistan and Sri Lanka and the use of the Sundarbans sector in the Bay of Bengal by Islamist terrorists and smugglers from Bangladesh accentuate these vulnerabilities and show up the dangers that lurk closer home along India’s 7500 km of shoreline.

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