April 22, 2021
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Importance of satellites for NCW strategy

Network Centric Warfare (NCW) strategy, which in recent years, has emerged as a major force multiplier in the battlefield operations, draws advantage from the real time sharing of quality information for an enhanced situational awareness through a robust communications network ably supported by a constellation of satellites meant for a variety of end uses.

Indeed, a well endowed information grid is the primary technical framework designed to support NCW. In the ultimate analysis, all advanced platforms, sensor systems and command and control centres, need to be accessed by the defence forces to get a shared awareness of the battle space in a real time and dynamic basis.

There is no denying the point that a robustly networked force improves information sharing. Evidently, quality information sharing leads to an enhanced situational awareness. And an enhanced situational awareness enables self- synchronization, which, in turn, adds to the overall operational capability of the defence forces in the thick of the battle field. NCW capability does indeed pr
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