April 22, 2021
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Robotic dive
Need for DSRV and naval UUVs

There is a clear distinction between deep submergence rescue vehicles (DSRV) and unmanned underwater vehicles (UUV) or remotely-operated vehicles. The former is deployed for rescue of submarines/submariners in disaster situations and the latter has a wider repertoire of applications in the military marine domain.

Both before and after the disaster on board the Indian Navy submarine Sindhurakshak in Mumbai’s Naval Dockyard in 2013 the absence of such platforms has been felt by India and there is a steady growth of study, research and development of platforms intended to rectify the situation given that most of the submarines in the Indian Navy fleet are aged.

The safety of submarines and crew is a prime requirement for a nation with as small a fleet as India even while it occupies a massive geographical position at the confluence of such large water bodies as the Indian Ocean littoral and the western Pacific rim. Depths within its extended area of operations range from 6000 ft in the Indian Ocean to 11,000 ft in the Pacific Ocean. Any submarine rescue effort a
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