April 22, 2021
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Coordinated act
India’s preparedness in countering CBRN attacks

India has long had expertise in creating and using nuclear, biological and chemical (NBC) weapons. But it has voluntarily abjured the use of these weapons and has destroyed its biological and chemical weapons stockpiles and facilities in keeping with the Biological and Chemical Weapons Conventions. However, it has retained and deployed its nuclear weapons with the clear provisos that it would not be the first to use them and (what has hitherto proved to be utopian) that if there is a perceptible movement towards universal and complete nuclear disarmament India would match every step taken by other nuclear weapons nations to end the threat of use of weapons of mass destruction. It subscribes wholeheartedly to the Hague Code of Conduct.

India has the biotechnology, the laboratories and the scientific manpower to create, store and disperse biological and chemical weapons along with the safety equipment for those involved in handling the dangerous pathogens. Yet it made a deliberate choice to join the international community to firm up the twin Conventions and ensure ratification and adherence. Its expertise inclu
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