April 22, 2021
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Tough soldiers
Enhancing the capabilities of Special Forces

Whatever else that is happening to the elite Special Forces of India one hears a lot about ‘restructuring’ and ‘reorganisation’ even as signs of modernisation are apparent in the acquisition of a specialist aircraft for the kinds of jobs they have to do.

The surgical strike conducted by Indian Special Forces against  facilities in Pakistan-occupied Kashmir, used as forming up areas  and launch pads for terrorists, has drawn attention to the unique capabilities that are inherent in such an institution.

After the Mumbai terrorist attack the Special Forces, particularly the National Security Guard which protects the political leaders, were allowed to circumvent the acquisition network of the Ministry of Defence and buy whatever they needed by way of weapons and accessories from foreign sources without becoming embroiled in the red tape of the Ministry.

Hopefully now there are no excuses that the Special Forces had, perforce, to fight with “w
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