April 18, 2021
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Clear vision
Evolving night vision technology

The one instrument that revolutionized warfare is the night vision device. Offensive and defensive operations no longer depended on natural light which meant that warfare became a 24X7 business giving rise to the concept of “surgical strikes”, a phrase that has caught the imagination of the Indian public.

That, in spite of the ability to see the target quite clearly and to pick it out from among a clutter of other objects, modern warfare as seen in the Iraq-Syria- Libya-Yemen salient and before that in the former Yugoslavia in Europe is as destructive of human life and property is because the destructive mindset prevails over the humanitarian as is evident from the mass of refugees that are flooding Europe.

Be that as it may, the night vision device is still in the process of evolution. Its growth is marked by ‘generations’ that are indicative of the inherent qualities at a given stage of its employment on the battlefield. However, the designation of ‘generation’ which was largely a benchmark for export control (night vision
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