June 23, 2018
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Modular protection
MKU armouring technology

In the present day combat scenario, helicopters play a major role in security against enemy forces and terrorism. Considering their significant role, it is essential for them to be damage-proof. These expensive machines that routinely go through the test of time and extreme weather conditions can result into a waste of time in a matter of seconds if they are not designed for ballistic protection.

Therefore, armouring a helicopter is an absolute necessity. However, what is more necessary is investing in the right armour solution for these incredible flying steel birds that don’t bring them down with their additional weight, but instead help them fly lighter and protected.

MKU employs some of the most cutting-edge technologies in achieving mission critical modular protection for helicopters, while keeping the weight to the minimum possible.

MKU's 6th Generation Polyshield V6 armouring technology employs advanced materials and new techniques that reduce the weight of armour for platforms by approximately 40% and bulk by 30% as compared to standard armouring solutions. Polyshield V, 6th Generation panels have an areal density of only 14.5 kg/sqm. for rifle protection as per NIJ 0108.01 Level III.

Weight is amongst the four most important factors controlling the performance of a helicopter (besides lift, thrust and drag) and the only one that can be controlled. Polyshield V6 armouring technology significantly contributes to saving of 'effective payload' in an armoured helicopter when compared to other standard solutions without compromising on its protection.

Keeping the multi role operations and survivability of utility and assault helicopters in mind, MKU designs helicopter armour kits using the proprietary 'Modular SchutzTechnik'. Depending upon the mission requirements, armour kits from MKU can be easily and quickly deployed in, or removed from the aircraft either in part or in full without the requirement of any special tools.

'ModulareSchutzTechnik' uses precision engineered composite armour panels along with patented aero-grade attachment systems. These kits are simply installed upon the existing structure of the helicopter without making any structural changes or tampering with the aerodynamics of the Helicopter.