March 19, 2019
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Maximum comfort
Falcon 8X to debut at Aero India 2017

Dassault’s new flagship, the Falcon 8X, is making its India debut at Aero India 2017.  Recently certified, with deliveries under way, this remarkable ultra-long range 8X is now in full production.

Its cabin-the longest in the Falcon family-provides more comfort and a stunning choice of more than 30 distinct layouts. And due to the overall design enhancements, the 8X is every bit as fuel efficient as the Falcon 7X. The Falcon 8X continues Falcon traditions of efficiency, performance, flexibility and comfort, while saving millions in total life cycle costs versus any rival.

With 6,450 nm (11,945 km) range and outstanding short-field performance, the 8X links important city pairs nonstop and accesses 500 more airports in the US alone than its competitors.

Then there’s the superlative airfield performance of the Falcon 8X, which adds even more reach beyond other aircraft in its class.The Falcon 8X can land at 85% of its maximum takeoff weight. So one can fuel up at home base and make a short hop before flying a longer leg of 4,650 nm (8,612 km) without refueling. It’s a capability that can save money on home-based fuel and also boost  mission flexibility.

Thanks to its three engines, it shorten transoceanic routes. They also contribute to the 8X’s slow and stable approach speed-a mere 107 knots (198 kph). And its three-engine performance margins allow takeoffs from shorter runways.

Totally redesigned, the Falcon 8X cockpit features EASy III, a new generation of EASy flight deck and offers an optional wide-screen head-up display, integrating enhanced and synthetic vision for vastly improved situational awareness in low-visibility conditions.

It will also feature Honeywell’s next-generation 3D color weather radar system with enhanced turbulence detection capability. New internal wing architecture both lightens the wing structure and provides more room for fuel. New winglets reduce drag to boost efficiency. The fuselage houses more fuel without reducing passenger space. Landing gear has been reinforcedto provide for additional payload.

The 8X wing takes advantage of more moving control surfaces, including three leading edge slats, three airbrakes and two flaps.

Dassault’s latest generation of digital flight control technology ensures smooth and precise flight path control and flight envelope protection. It has got the longest cabin. And every inch is used to advantage. With over 30 possible layouts, this is the industry’s most flexible cabin and the one most likely to offer an interior solution that meets customer’s exact requirements. Noise and cabin altitude are low. Air quality is high. And connectivity is complete in this Wi-Fi environment, which is equipped with latest FalconCabin HD+ cabin management system.

The FalconCabin HD+ cabin management system gives you control over your environment from anywhere in the cabin, using your Apple® devices. You can track flight progress. There’s even an app that lets you call up a virtual moving map of any area around you by simply pointing your iPad® in its direction.