April 22, 2021
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Strategic alliance
India-Japan economic engagement India-Japan strategic partnership can only be sustained on a long term basis on the solid foundation of deep economic engagement, for which Japan has provided enough fertilizer to nurture the relationship. Along with the promise to conclude the Civil Nuclear Cooperation Agreement by the end of the year, other mega projects will help propel the bilateral economic and political relationship to unimaginable heights. The Civil nuclear cooperation agreement with Japan will help India enter many of the restricted nuclear clubs and trade regimes and encourage other countries also to respect India’s desire to promote civil nuclear energy. It is upto India to provide an enabling environment for not only the Japanese but other international investors to make the country an attractive place and worthy of engagement in the strategic areas. The kind of huge market and strategic possibilities that India has emerged has led the Japanese government to encourage its investors to consider India as an alternative to China, where they have till now made more than US$ 70 billion investment and conduct more than US$ 345 billion of bilateral trade. Promoting investment In fact the anti Japanese sentiments over the Senkaku/Diayou islands in China will force the Japanese business to seek greener pastures and India must seize the opportunity by putting its own house in order. During the visit of the Prime Minister Manmohan Singh to Tok
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