May 22, 2019
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Smart move
The US wants India in its Rebalancing Asia policy The US Secretary of State John Kerry brought with him a very high powered delegation for strategic talks with India held on 24th June, 2013, which included the US Pacific Commander Admiral Samuel J Locklear who stayed back in New Delhi to discuss the future game plan for the Asia Pacific with the Indian tri-service Chief of Staff, Air Chief Marshal NAK Browne.   The political direction given by Kerry during his visit was intensely discussed with the Indian Chairman of the Joint Chief of Staff Committee for its execution at the ground level. The meeting was held in the background of strident posture adopted by China in the South China Sea and its possible fallout on the region’s economic and security architecture. Hence it was significant to note that the official brief issued by the Indian Ministry of Defence mentioned that among the issues discussed was the South China Sea. Since the Chinese aggressive behavior in South and East China Sea has become a common topic of discussion among the strategic observers all over the world, the American Admiral’s discussion with top Indian military officials must have been watched by the Chinese observers with deep interest. Key player With US expressing its intent to project India as a key player in its  Rebalancing Asia policy, which is  viewed by the Chinese as the ganging up of nations against China, the  meeting of the US and
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