May 22, 2019
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Maintaining balance
Early resolution of Palestine issue and implications for India The resumption on Palestine-Israel peace talks in late July 2013 after four year interregnum at the behest of US has evoked positive response from India, which is indicative of India’s deep interest in the early resolution of the conflict. India needs cordial relations and close partnership, both with the Jews and the Arabs, hence the early resolution of the longstanding conflict will be in India’s national interests. Considering the very antagonistic relations between Israel and the Arab world India needs to make a fine balance and do a tight rope walk to advance India’s cause. Though India never fails to make acerbic comments towards Israel whenever the Palestinians areas are attacked by the Israeli forces, India also is gradually deepening its relationship with Israel. In a belated reaction the Indian Permanent Representative at the UN welcomed the US initiative and hoped that direct peace talks will lead to concrete results. This is in tune with keeping the domestic constituency in mind and also these comments follow the international trends. India has accepted the necessity of two state solutions for lasting peace in the Middle East, but never fails to denounce Israeli aggression on the Palestinian land. India’s dependence However, in recent years India has been strenuously trying to maintain a balance between Israel and Palestine. Over the years India has become
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