April 22, 2021
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Balancing game
Nepal’s political transition and its fallout A landlocked country, Nepal is sandwiched between Asia’s two giant economies-India and China. Although it struggles with constant economic shortcomings, it is currently engulfed in a state of political transition. The country is now beginning to embrace multiparty politics and democracy. While it experiences changes domestically, the game-changers within its political Diaspora are also significantly altering its foreign policy. This is because Nepal is increasingly mindful of its geo-strategic positioning. Since Nepal fatefully sits in the middle of India and China, it is often engulfed in their existential issues. However, it has realized that it can use its very position to its advantage. That is why it sees hope in its newly deepened economic and military ties with China. However, it must strategically accommodate China in its pursuits, for Nepal has to constantly balance it with India, its long time big brother. India and China too, attach significant importance to Nepal. Apart from the enormous trade benefits, influence over Nepal could be a significant game changer for the Indo-China border dispute. Therefore, Nepal’s latest policy to balance India with China might work well for its economy and domestic prosperity, but, in addition, it will also have larger ramifications for South Asia, as well as Indo-China relations.        China and India, mindful that Nep
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