April 22, 2021
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Coveted pearl
China’s new South Pacific base to avoid Malacca Strait Since maritime issues have dominated China’s future war strategy, Beijing is currently reviewing its ‘String of Pearls’ doctrine to acquire a new base in South Pacific which will easily surpass Strait of Malacca to reach Indian Ocean. China’s grand maritime strategy depends on how effectively it can operate in both ocean surface with equal magnitude and show its military strength in the Pacific and Indian Ocean region. For China, Pacific Ocean and Indian Ocean are emerging as the life line of its geostrategic influence and trade & commerce. As China is keen to avoid the Strait of Malacca and adjoining sea lanes where US, India and Japan are having substantial influence, Beijing has explored the opportunity for acquiring new base in the South Pacific region called as Tonga Island. Tonga Island Tonga has been an easy target for China for several reasons. The Tongan economy is weak and needs the assistance of a power like China. Thus China has strategically invested in the development and infrastructure of Tonga, flowered it with lavish economic loans and aid and assisted its economy. Tonga is also a good option for dumping China’s cheap inferior goods, as are other island countries in the Pacific. China wants to now lease land from Tonga and they also hope to secure a naval base out of all these economic overtures. The Kingdom of Tonga is typical li
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