April 22, 2021
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Political war
Controversial elections and future of Bangladesh The scenes on the streets of Bangladesh that the world has been witnessing in the previous months depict the mood of a pseudo-democratic nation that is hanging by a thread. Bangladesh seems to be heading towards a dead end as an anarchic like state of affairs spins the country into total disarray. The two political dynasties of Bangladesh have forever been fighting a political war to grip power over a country that has been plagued by violence, corruption and poverty. Their fighting is eating up Bangladesh from the inside and even though it is costing the country more than it can afford, their rivalry shows no signs of abating. Added to this ongoing conundrum is the troublesome history of 1971. The controversial judgments on the 1971 war crimes are not helping the country emerge out of its violent history, even after decades of independence and democracy. Thus what lies ahead for Bangladesh is continued violence amidst uncertain developments and the possibility of external elements exploiting the volatile situation. General elections were held in Bangladesh on 5 January 2014. Although they were held in accordance with the constitutional requirement that the election must take place within the 90-day period before the expiration of the term of the Jatiyo Sangshad or the parliament (which was to end on 24 January 2014), the elections were nothing less than controversial and violent. Elections boycott A
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