April 22, 2021
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False hopes
Indo-Pak composite dialogue With the acceptance of formal invite from Pakistan, it appeared that Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh would have visited Pakistan this month. It was supposed to be his final major diplomatic endeavor as Prime Minister. But now with all scams under his leadership surfacing and may be due to the pressure from the high command the chances appears to be bleak. However at a personal level Manmohan Singh is still optimistic. Though the motive behind this visit is to resume the long stalled composite dialogue between the two countries, the speculations are also high that Manmohan Singh is keen to visit the country as he was born in a village which is now part of West Punjab.  The composite dialogue between India and Pakistan, which seeks to address the entire spectrum of hotspots in relations between the two rivals- from Siachen and Kashmir to economic cooperation and confidence building measures, was suspended in January 2013 after an Indian soldier was beheaded by Pakistani troops. Thereafter, the entire year was marred by various skirmishes along the troubled Indo-Pak border as a result of many ceasefire violations which hampered the prospects for improved bilateral relations. Indeed, the terrorist attacks in Mumbai in 2008 had already completely disillusioned any efforts to further bilateral ties, as much speculation within India derailed any attempts to move forward. However, what became apparent amidst India&rsq
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