January 21, 2019
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Discreet ties
Qatar is supporting rise of Sunni fundamentalism Qatar has been branded all over Arabian Peninsula as a country that secretly supports many fundamentalist and terror outfits operating in the region and elsewhere as a matter of state policy to buy peace in exchange of money. Thus, Qatar has been largely peaceful when other Arab monarchies are facing the heat from rising youth forces demanding for a change and making attempts to overthrow other regimes either by force or religious violence. The Qatar Royal family and elite military leaders are having discreet ties with more than 40 such outfits or elements having substantial influence among the fundamentalist Muslims spanning across West Asia to North Africa just to ensure the Royal family is safe.     A recent statement by Syria’s Information Minister that Qatar is violating all of the UN Security Council’s resolutions on fighting terrorism is being silenced in the West. The United States and its allies are keeping silent because Doha is providing funding to carry out their plans. Sponsoring terrorism Nor is there any word about an Arab role in settling the Syrian crisis, because it would be unrealistic for those who are arming one side in the conflict and sending terrorists into Syria to have a hand in resolving it. And for good reason, if one can recall the recent major terrorist attack in Boston in which there is clear evidence of Saudi brainwashing with Wahhabi i
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