April 22, 2021
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Doubtful intentions
Border intrusion casts shadow on Xi visit Even though the Chinese soldiers were forced to make a retreat in Chumar after the high level diplomatic and political pressure and the activation of the Border Defence Cooperation Agreement, it will not improve the sentiments in bilateral relations in near future.   If the Chinese soldiers would not have come face to face with the Indian soldiers in Chumar and Demchok region of Eastern Laddakh on the Line of Actual Control in early September for a fortnight, India-China relations after President Xi Jinping’s visit to India would have been described as a forward moving with lot of promises to cooperate for strengthening bilateral relations in trade and political arena. Chinese President’s visit was being watched closely in international strategic circles in view of evolving geo-politics and regional equations and Chinese efforts to woo India to join its various regional trade and economic initiatives like the Maritime Silk routes and the BCIM (Bangladesh, China, India, Myanmar) economic corridor. Many in India were already viewing these  as  strategic moves hidden in economic agenda aimed at dissuading India from joining the US and Japanese economic and strategic groupings. However, the Chinese Foreign ministry spokesman emphasized that the important consensus reached between President Xi and Prime Minister Narendra Modi will keep the borders calm and drive the relationship forward. Mil
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