April 22, 2021
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Watching carefully
ISIS is now targeting Sahel to spread its tentacle The ISIS is now calculating a new game plan as how it can spread its presence in a credible manner to attract hundreds of thousands recruits for its battle from the Arabian Peninsula and African region, mainly in North and West Africa. The ISIS is keen to take advantage of lawless situation of Africa. With insecurity in Mali, Libya, Nigeria and beyond, the terrorism map of Africa is being redrawn. Various experts including Abdullah Mamadou Ba, an expert on militant groups in the Sahel, Maghreb and West Africa, say the whole region is changing as it is the new intersection of various groups. Yet the public opinion on ISIS is divided. After ISIS militants posted on the internet a video showing a masked man using a knife to decapitate a US journalist abducted in Syria two years ago, the situation is changing. Islamic State jihadists are accused of multiple acts of summary execution, rape and other atrocities against minority communities. Latest country in the region is Tunisia which calls on the international community to protect ethnic and religious minorities in Iraq, using methods permitted by international law in such extreme situations. The Tunisian foreign ministry also said that it condemned efforts to destabilize the security and stability of Iraq and to hit its various civilizational components through the targeting of ethnic and religious minorities. Threat to security These crimes a
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