April 22, 2021
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Cautious steps
Modi’ China visit and border issues Though Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s  much hyped recent visit to China  was not expected to deliver any unexpected outcome on boundary related issues, Modi certainly was able to drive home his point that boundary question remains the most important unresolved issue between the two Asian giants, which is hindering the further growth in bilateral relations . Since the Chinese leaders were  not ready to move an inch on the boundary both sides have decided to move on with the relationship in other areas while adopting new confidence building measures to manage the pain on the border.  Both the countries have applied some balm on the festering wounds , which both sides hope would not grow cancerous.   Obviously even an inch of distance was not covered to reduce the deepening trust deficit between the two nations. Also on other strategic issues like the UNSC reform ,  membership of the  export control regimes and  One Belt One Road project , there was wide margin in the  level of mistrust. However, in spite of deepening suspicion on each other’s national desire and interests, the Chinese President Xi Jin Ping went out of the way to appease Indian Prime Minister to win his support in China specific projects like the One Belt One Road. But India remained non-committal on this issue, describing it as a Chinese project. Border talks For the first time an Indi
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