April 22, 2021
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Flawed approach
Afghanistan’s foreign policy and Iranian interests While the regional countries are grappling hard to stabilize Afghanistan, President Abdul Ghani chooses to obediently toe the Pakistani line and even walks  all out to soothe Pakistani concerns unmindful of the realities in his own country. Ghani’s approach virtually entails  the rolling back of the entire Indian influence  in Afghanistan. First, by sending Afghan troops  for training in Pakistan military academy instead of India  as done previously.  Second, by suspending his own country’s request  for Indian weapons and third by starting sharing the intelligence cooperation entirely with Pakistan. This gives a clear impression of Afghanistan walking extra miles solely with Pakistan. This shift in Afghanistan’s foreign policy is definitely flawed when the country is virtually slipping  into a civil war  as illustrated by renewed Taliban attacks in the vicinity of Kabul. Pakistan’s spy agency ISI has further entered into an agreement with its Afghan counterpart over intelligence sharing and coordinated operations against Taliban militants. Cooperation with Pakistan This approach was adopted after Pakistan President Nawaz Sharif , Army Chief Gen Raheel Sharif and ISI Chief Lt Gen Rizwan Akhtar visited  Afghanistan recently to seek more cooperation to eradicate Taliban rebels operating along both sides of the border. Inte
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